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Podcast Artwork

Books and podcasts are two things I love. Podcasts about books? The best of both worlds! Maybe you’ve heard me wax poetic about Anne Bogel’s What Should I Read Next podcast (if not, you can experience the love fest here). I love the concept of  Anne doing “a little literary matchmaking” and suggesting what you should read next based on three books you love, one you “hate,” and what you’re reading now.

Here at By Her Shelf, we believe in literary matchmaking of a different kind. Perhaps you’ve seen the quote “seeing someone reading a book you love is like a book recommending a person.” That sounds good, but do you even know why the person is reading that particular book? Do they like it, or is it assigned reading? I need a little more to go on. Maybe you do, too. Since the motto of By Her Shelf is “you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a reader By Her Shelf,” and one of the best ways to get to know someone is by the books they read, own and/or love, I decided to create a podcast where I…

wait for it…

No, I’m not matching singles based on their bookshelves (but if someone’s doing that, it sounds awesome and sign me up!). I’m doing what that quote doesn’t quite do for me: using readers’ bookshelves to recommend them (the people) to my audience. With a million people sharing their book recommendations and reviews, it can be difficult for a reader to find her tribe. That’s where the By Her Shelf podcast comes in! I’ll introduce you to a reader by poking through his or her bookshelves, and if they are your kindred spirit, literary twin, or book whisperer, follow them (on the internet. Don’t follow them in real life, because that would be creepy). I’m ready to make some literary love connections (And if I make a real life love connection for someone, how awesome of a recommendation would that be? Just saying)!

Here’s the thing: I need guests! So if 30ish minutes to an hour of rhapsodizing about the books/authors you love with a fellow book lover sounds like your idea of a good time, fill out this conveniently placed contact form for more info. As I continue on this journey, subscribe to Shelf Talk, the By Her Shelf Newsletter, to stay informed about the podcast’s progress, upcoming guests, and special episodes!