Fix My Book

Need Help with Your Book?

By Her Shelf Media LLC offers courses and services to help self-publishing authors through the publication process.

If you’ve watched Shelf-Confidence, our introductory  self-publishing workshop, you know publishing is a process. You also know you need a team of people to help meet your goals and publish to the best of your ability (if you haven’t watched this info-rich workshop, you can do so here). By Her Shelf Media has the experience and knowledge you need to bring the best team alongside you in this journey.

Need an eagle-eyed copy editor to ensure you don’t overuse “that” and “very”? Need someone to make sure your main character’s eye color didn’t change from green to blue mid-book? Looking for a structure savant to ensure your non-fiction book flows from sentence, section, and chapter to the next like a calm mountain stream? By Her Shelf Media can get the job done. Take your book from “meh” to marvelous with our editing services. Estimates available upon request.

If you want to take your book from a Microsoft Word Document/Google Doc/Pages file on your computer to a polished and professional, fully formatted manuscript ready to be uploaded to distribution sites, you need to avail yourself of one of our formatting packages. Whether you need to format your work for print or eBook, By Her Shelf has you covered. We also offer proofreading services that can be paired with our formatting service to ensure your manuscript shines in look AND content. Our formatting packages range from $75 to $325.

Our signature course, From Hook to Book, is a step by step journey through the penning, publishing, and promoting processes. You will be given instruction on everything from creating an attention grabbing title and book description, to how to approach revisions, to information on how and when to start marketing your book (hint: start NOW!). All the information you need to own the book-making process is here in one place for you to navigate at your own pace. The benefits far outweigh your investment of $497.

If you need more hands-on assistance, our complete services, Fully Booked is the perfect solution. Once you’re in Fully Booked, By Her Shelf becomes your book’s concierge. We’ll handle your edits, interior formatting, proofreading, uploading, publishing budget, timeline, and marketing plans, hire and assist you in working with a cover designer/graphic designer and beta reader, and be available to coach/consult with you via phone calls or zoom meetings. Every service we offer or assist you in acquiring is covered in the cost of Fully Booked. This service package is worth its weight in gold, but is available for your investment of $2,400.