Get In My Kindle: A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult

Happy Tuesday, fellow readers! It’s time for what is one of my favorite features: Get in My Kindle! The books chosen for this feature aren’t out when they are featured, but are books to look forward to finding on your doorstep or in your kindle like an unexpected gift. Today’s pick is a fiction book from an author many readers are familiar with–Jodi Picoult. 

A Spark of LightTitle: A Spark of Light

Author: Jodi Picoult

Release Date: October 2, 2018

Description: The warm fall day starts like any other at the Center—a women’s reproductive health services clinic—its staff offering care to anyone who passes through its doors. Then, in late morning, a desperate and distraught gunman bursts in and opens fire, taking all inside hostage.

After rushing to the scene, Hugh McElroy, a police hostage negotiator, sets up a perimeter and begins making a plan to communicate with the gunman. As his phone vibrates with incoming text messages he glances at it and, to his horror, finds out that his fifteen-year-old daughter, Wren, is inside the clinic.

But Wren is not alone. She will share the next and tensest few hours of her young life with a cast of unforgettable characters: A nurse who calms her own panic in order to save the life of a wounded woman. A doctor who does his work not in spite of his faith but because of it, and who will find that faith tested as never before. A pro-life protester, disguised as a patient, who now stands in the cross hairs of the same rage she herself has felt. A young woman who has come to terminate her pregnancy. And the disturbed individual himself, vowing to be heard.

Told in a daring and enthralling narrative structure that counts backward through the hours of the standoff, this is a story that traces its way back to what brought each of these very different individuals to the same place on this fateful day.

Jodi Picoult—one of the most fearless writers of our time—tackles a complicated issue in this gripping and nuanced novel. How do we balance the rights of pregnant women with the rights of the unborn they carry? What does it mean to be a good parent? A Spark of Light will inspire debate, conversation . . . and, hopefully, understanding.

Why I Can’t Wait to Read: I’ve only read one other Jodi Picoult novel, The Pact. The Pact was a heart-wrenching book on a difficult topic, and Picoult handled it beautifully. The depth of her characters and her ability to wring every available emotion out of them in a way that readers can lose themselves in impressed me. There were plenty of moments I had to put the book down because what was happening felt that so real and present with me. Picoult brought the scenes she’d written to life.

When I first saw Jodi Picoult had a new book coming out, I looked at two things to determine if it was worth me pre-ordering it: the cast of characters and the situation they are placed in. Knowing Picoult’s ability to build and wield tension in fraught situations, to create characters you care about and understand even if you don’t agree with the choices they make, I was immediately intrigued by the description. I’m excited to see what she does with this premise and these characters.

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Are you a Jodi Picoult fan? Excited for A Spark of Light? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



Get In My Kindle: Inheritance by Dani Shapiro

Hi, Friends! Get in My Kindle is fast becoming my favorite feature of this site. Today’s book is another I can’t wait to read when it releases. Unlike the previous book, an essay collection, this one is a memoir by author and writing teacher Dani Shapiro. 
Inheritance Dani ShapiroLike many aspiring authors, I have a copy of Still Writing on my writing craft book shelf, but I wouldn’t have called myself a Dani Shapiro fan until I started following her on social media. Instagram suggested her as someone I should follow when I first joined. Since then, I’ve been closely following her posts. I was interested in Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage, a memoir on marriage, but I decided to wait until the paperback version was available. Hourglass got lost in the flood of new books and suggestions, but I kept following Dani (I feel like I can call her Dani because her posts are so personal).

All authors and creators can learn a thing or two about creating investment and enticing readers from Dani Shapiro. She’s been posting throughout the process of writing her upcoming release Inheritance. Her followers have heard about the journey of this book, how what she discovered was changing her, how the writing of this story was changing her, and how it was changing everything she thought she knew about herself. We know this story was shocking and important, that it dealt with a family secret, but we didn’t know what this story was. I was hooked.

Finally, the wait is over, and the book is here! Here’s the description:

What makes us who we are? What combination of memory, history, biology, experience, and that ineffable thing called the soul defines us?
In the spring of 2016, through a genealogy website to which she had whimsically submitted her DNA for analysis, Dani Shapiro received the stunning news that her father was not her biological father. She woke up one morning and her entire history–the life she had lived–crumbled beneath her.
Inheritance is a book about secrets–secrets within families, kept out of shame or self-protectiveness; secrets we keep from one another in the name of love. It is the story of a woman’s urgent quest to unlock the story of her own identity, a story that has been scrupulously hidden from her for more than fifty years, years she had spent writing brilliantly, and compulsively, on themes of identity and family history. It is a book about the extraordinary moment we live in–a moment in which science and technology have outpaced not only medical ethics but also the capacities of the human heart to contend with the consequences of what we discover.
Timely and unforgettable, Dani Shapiro’s memoir is a gripping, gut-wrenching exploration of genealogy, paternity, and love.

Isn’t this description intriguing? I can’t wait to get this one! We’ll have to wait until January, but I think it might be worth it. It’s one of many releases I’m pre-ordering. If you’re interested, here are the pertinent details:

Title: Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love

Author: Dani Shapiro

Release Date: January 15, 2019

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Will you be reading Inheritance? What book(s) are you looking forward to?

Get in My Kindle: I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel

Get in My Kindle selections are the books I can’t wait to get my hands on. They’re the books I want to start a conversation around RIGHT NOW, whether or not they’re already in my Kindle, on my nightstand, or placed on pre-order to show up like a random gift to myself after I’d forgotten I ordered it. 😉 All the details about the book, including where you can purchase it, can be found at the end of the post. 

If you’re an avid reader, you should know who Anne Bogel is. She’s a fellow book lover who has the jobs most book lovers want. She shares about all things books and reading on her website, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and does “a little literary matchmaking” on her weekly podcast “What Should I Read Next?” Anne is also the author of the book Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything, a champion of independent bookstores, and the lovely voice in my ear that helps me find book related podcasts, events, subscription services, and gifts. In short, she’s the reader I want to be.

I’m not a personality test junkie (I was strongly encouraged into taking the Enneagram by a job application asking me for my number), so I didn’t pick up reading people. However, when I heard about her new release coming out September 4, 2018, I started looking for the pre-order to go up so I could hit the buy button.

I'd Rather Be Reading Pre-Order

Full disclosure: I applied to be a part of the launch team for this book. I wanted to be among the first to know everything about it and share it abroad. Alas, I wasn’t chosen for the launch team, but I received a lovely email inviting me to be a part of the street team which included the introduction and first chapter. This little sneak peek into the book did nothing but make me that more impatient to have it in my hot little hands.

I’d Rather Be Reading explores the personal nature of the reading life, discussing things like how to choose good books, how to deal with the pain of choosing a bad one, and why we connect so deeply with some books. It also promises to give readers a peek into other readers’ lives, which is one of the many reasons I listen to Anne’s podcast. This book promises to be a fun one, and I for one can’t wait to read it.

If this sounds like a title you would be interested in, here are all the necessary details:

Title: I’d Rather be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life

Author: Anne Bogel

Release Date: September 4, 2018

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Pre-Order Goodies: A full list of pre-order goodies and pre-order links to other retailers can be found on the book’s official page here.

Are you looking forward to I’d Rather Be Reading? What book(s) are you eagerly anticipating? 

This isn’t my first “Get in My Kindle” rodeo. I also wrote this post about how I can’t wait to read Butterface, Avery Flynn’s new romantic comedy. All others going forward can be found under the category Get in My Kindle, including the one about the juicy memoir that promises to be an amazing read, coming up on the next installment. Any guesses on what book that might be?