Writing Wednesday: Writers’ White Whales

Happy Hump Day! Today’s Writing Wednesday we’re talking about the illusive book of the heart–the book that a writer has in her heart for years that she just hasn’t written yet. I asked my writer’s think tank (aka my writer friends on Facebook) “what story is the book of your heart? How long has it been on your heart to write? Why haven’t you written or published it yet? Here are there answers. Have a book you know you’re meant to write but still haven’t written or published it yet? Tell us about it below! *My book of my heart is in the list as well. 😉

There’s one book. No title, I just call it Ryan’s book. It’s been maybe 10 years 🤦🏻‍♀️ and has gone through many, many rewrites and still isn’t finished. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to analyze why and the best I’ve got is this irrational need to protect it. It feels like my baby and I’m a helicopter mom 😂 I’m afraid to finish because then I have no reason to not put it out there. -Tanya W.

I always wanted to write a historical romance novel but very shy to write it. I would be more comfortable if I had a partner writing it with me. It’s a wonderful plot bunny about a young French Aristocrat becoming a dance master while falling in love with one of his rich students. – Theresa K.

It’s a fantasy novel based on Celtic mythology that I wrote TEN years ago. I love the characters so much, and the ideas behind it too, all the magic and romance. It stands at 60K, and funny you should ask, I got tired of having it weighing on my heart and mind, so I am rewriting it now– started four weeks ago. One of the reasons I’ve avoided it so long is that it needs a new opening. I just could not find the right place– my first chapter turned out to actually be chapter 2. That was a huge revelation when I finally found what needed to happen in chapter 1. And I, against my nature, broke down and asked for other eyes on it. Best thing I ever did, ask for help, something I don’t know much about doing. Glad I finally worked up the nerve to reach out. Gave me the perspective I knew I needed, being, as you said, too dang close to it. Having another writer helping you “see” what the story needs to have tweaked is so beyond helpful. – Shanda M.

I’ve always wanted to write a Scottish historical. For Camp NaNo this year I started it. Not sure if it will be a novella or category length but MacGregor’s Magic has begun. – Tambra K.

I have this idea…it’s not fully formed but it’s been in my head for a couple of years. It would be a more serious women’s fiction story with two generations of women in Ireland and Australia. I just don’t think I’m up to the task of writing it yet. And I havw a couple of other books to finish! – Cassandra O.

I have one I call Gabriel’s book about a musician with Asperger’s. I’ve wanted to write it for at least five or six years! -Laurel B.

The original title for my book was “How Pleasure and Pain Became Friends.” I started it as a teenager. The story has always been about a woman named Pleasure and a man whose last name is Payne (or Paine). Over the years, their backgrounds and relationship has changed but the idea has always been there. I even entered a version of it in So You Think You Can Write. My CPs have read a large chunk of it, and one in particular always asks me when I’m going to finish it, but I haven’t. I think I haven’t finished it because I’m so invested in the story. I love these characters and I want to tell their story perfectly. If I can get out of my own head, I might be able to have a finished story worth submitting. -Erica D. Hearns

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