Get in My Kindle: Indestructible by Allison Fallon

Happy Monday, fellow readers! I had to work this weekend and didn’t get a chance to read until yesterday afternoon. Even though I didn’t get much reading done this weekend, I’m still eyeing books for my ever growing to be read pile. What better way to start a Monday than looking forward to an intriguing upcoming release? If you’re a kindle reader, heads up: you can have this one in your Kindle tomorrow! Paperback readers will have to wait longer, but it may just be worth the wait. *Thus far, no Get in My Kindle feature is a sponsored post, and I haven’t been giving an advance reader copy of the book. I’m simply sharing the books I’m interested in reading.


Title: Indestructible: Leveraging Your Broken Heart to Become a Force of Love & Change in the World

Author: Allison Fallon

Release Date: Kindle–August 7, 2018; Paperback–November 20, 2018

Description: Indestructible tells the shocking story of a marriage that didn’t go as planned, the truth that shattered everything, and the beautiful unfolding of a woman who decided that saving her marriage wasn’t worth losing herself. Like most people, Allison Fallon didn’t get married thinking she would get divorced. In fact, marrying a pastor felt like the surest way to guarantee a safe and happy marriage. So when she found out the man she married was not the man she thought he was, she had some choices to make. A wrestling with faith and love, romance and drama, truth and fiction, this story calls into question what it means to fall in love, stay in love, and become a force of love and change in the world. Although Indestructible is only one woman’s story, it serves as a powerful reminder to anyone who has been disillusioned by love that falling in love might be harder and easier than they ever imagined; and that “the one” they’re looking for is closer than they think.

Why I Can’t Wait to Read: It’s no secret I love a good memoir. To me, a memoir needs to do four things: 1) be honest with the ugly. 2) Be so specific it can’t help but be universal. 3) Drop truth bombs, and 4) Perform surgery, not suicide (For a more in-depth explanation of this criteria, read this post).  At first glance, Indestructible meets this criteria.

I first heard Allison’s story on the That Sounds Fun Podcast hosted by Annie F. Downs (you can listen here). If Allison writes half as well as she speaks, Indestructible promises to be a beautifully written book. In her interview, Allison was honest, dropped truth bombs left and right, and it’s clear she did the deep work to work toward healing in this book and off the page. Unfortunately, divorce and/or other unexpected transitions are a reality for most people. The description for Indestructible clearly states that Allison’s story is specific to her but promises to speak to others who have experienced a similar disillusionment. Indestructible sounds like a perfect addition to my list of most anticipated memoirs.

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Is Indestructible the type of book you’d love to read? Are there any memoirs you are looking forward to this fall? Let me know in the comments section!

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